Chadari (Afghani Veil)

Chadari (Afghani Veil)

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2 Responses to Chadari (Afghani Veil)

  1. SafiHaidary says:

    salamu alaikumDost aziz. besyar naqashi hay khobi darin. mitanum befamum ke ey kulishan az khudetan ast?wa ya az hunarmanday mukhtalif?

    Translated by the Editor:
    dear friends,
    these are very good paintings, but i want to know if all these nice paintings are yours or from different painters?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your interest.
      These paintings are created by young talented artists from Kabul, Afghanistan, some of them still studying in art school. You can find the name of the artist who did the painting under the picture.

      Tashakor az alaqamandy shoma. in Naqashy ha wa rasamy ha tawasote Naqash hay layeqe Kabul, Afghanistan, naqashy shoda ast. bazy az in Naqash ha dar pohantone Kabul mashghool tahseelat dar hamin reshta hastand. shoma metawanid name har naqash ra dar zire har Naqashi paida konid (tagged: artist name)